Walmart Gift Cards Lottery and 9 Other Ways to Save Big on Your Shopping

Shopping at Walmart is already a great way to save money. This department store allows you to get everything that you could need in one place at a low price, and when you use Walmart gift cards, you can get them at an even lower rate. There are ways that you can get Walmart gift cards that don’t just involve going up to the register and asking for one. For instance, you could use gift card exchange sites and go onto them after the holidays hit when gift cards are everywhere. If that doesn’t seem like quite your speed, you could also win a $100 Walmart gift card of your own right on this site just by answering a few questions (we’ll tell more about it at the end of this article, so read on).

What should you do with your Walmart gift cards after you win them? Check out this list of the best ways to save money with Walmart promo codes and gift cards.

#1 Get your electronics from the refurbished section

Many people think that refurbished items are bad, but that’s not true at all. Instead, it just means that they have been optimized and put back into the best state that they could possibly be in. You can save tons of money by shopping for refurbished items instead of brand new ones. Each of these electronics gets checked out to ensure that they are all ready to go, and you can get a warranty on them as well.

#2 Shop online

When you shop online, you’ll gain access to plenty of items on their site that they do not have in-store. You can also enjoy grocery ordering in select locations, and this can save you, even more, money, especially if you do not use coupons. Shop online with your Walmart promo codes and stop yourself from spending money on impulse buying as well. This option lets you save both plenty of money and plenty of time to make the most out of your Walmart gift cards.

#3 Go through the clearance section

Many Walmarts will have a whole aisle that is dedicated to a number of clearance items. The clearance aisle is going to allow you to purchase items that you would eventually purchase at an extremely low price. You can ask where the clearance aisle is located to ensure that you do not miss out on this section. Always stop by it when you head into Walmart and see what else they have added.

#4 Take advantage of Roll Back Prices

Roll Backs are the way that Walmart chooses to lower their prices. These lowered prices are important to know about because they are very prominently displayed in the store, and you could be looking over them on accident just by not knowing what to look for. These deals will often be found on the displays and the end caps. The rollbacks for the previous one to two months are often set by the manufacturer, so these items could be seasonal. Using your Walmart gift cards, you could stock up on important supplies for the rest of the year all in one convenient and cheap place.

#5 Price matching, Walmart promo codes and coupons

Take advantage of the price match feature at Walmart. The way it works is that if you find a cheaper deal somewhere else, before, during or after you make a purchase at Walmart, this store will refund the difference that you have paid with them. The only thing that you need is proof of the other item’s price and to be sure that it is the same size and model. You could also choose to ask them to match advertised prices of a competitor, which can save you big bucks when you are buying food. And don’t forget to add to your bookmarks to follow the updates with Walmart promo codes and coupons.

#6 Walmart on Twitte

Just like most other major companies and corporations, Walmart is on social media. Though they may not post as much on other sites such as Facebook, they are very active on the platform, Twitter. Constantly, Walmart is offering up special deals throughout the month. You can follow them on Twitter or just look at their site periodically to see what deals are available. Then, you could take that $100 Walmart gift card you could win up to that store and get incredible discounts, just by paying attention to their online presence.

#7 Find out the discount days for the butcher

Walmart butchers often have a routine that they follow when it comes to giving discounts on their meat. If you spend time around the butcher’s section and take note of when the days typically are, you can learn the routines and shop for your meat on those days. This will help you get incredible savings on your frozen meat and food. You could also just ask the butcher when the day is that they usually mark down the food, and even what time they often start working on those days, as the early morning is usually when they begin to discount their meat. If they begin marking down their supply early in the day, you can be sure that you are there to get the food before anyone else has a chance to.

#8 Figure out the overage policy

Walmart has a policy where they will let you keep the overage that occurs when your coupons go over the register price. This allows you to save a lot of money if you are good with coupons this way.

#9 Get samples from off of their website

Finally, you can grab free samples off of These samples are always offered if you know where to look, and if you get to Walmart in time, you will be given plenty of them. You can visit the site as often as you like to take advantage of these samples and enjoy them while you walk around.

BONUS TIP: Win Walmart Gift Card

Along with many ways to save while shopping in Walmart, there’s another solution – participate in lotteries and sweepstakes and try to win a Walmart Gift Card to make your shopping even more pleasant. It doesn’t hurt to participate – you are not going to loose anything, but you may win big time. See this website for more information on how to take one of these cards home anytime soon with close to zero efforts. We bet you know what to spend this money at!